Our film series is currently on hiatus as we evaluate programming. Please check back regularly for updates.


Wednesday November 28th 2012: 7 pm: A WEAVERLY PATH

Local Weaver’s Tale Told on Screen

Swiss-born Durham resident Sylvia Heyden’s story will be told at a screening of ‘A Weaverly Path’ at the Fearrington Barn, November 28th, 2012, at 7pm as part of the Chatham County Arts Council Sustainable Cinema series.

Film maker Kenny Dalsheimer follows 83-year-old Heyden over a year as she weaves tapestries inspired by the Eno river in Durham. “I have an eye in each finger,” she says.

Born in Basel, Switzerland, in 1927, and trained at the School of the Arts in Zurich, Heyden has been a fixture of the Durham and NC arts communities for many years and is well known and respected in the network of tapestry weavers across the US and Europe.

At eighty-three years young, Heyden continues to weave each day at her loom; and after producing more than 800 tapestries, she is passionate about sharing her philosophy and approach to her creative process and passing on this knowledge to the next generation of tapestry weavers.

The film has been widely praised, both for the intimate portrait of Heyden and the fascinating way Dalsheimer records her creative process and masterful skill. The film was a 2011 selection at Hot Springs and Big Sky Documentary Film Festivals.

Kenny Dalsheimer has also screened his documentary films ‘Bending Space: George Rousse and the Durham Project’ and ‘A New Kind of Listening’ with ChathamArts. He founded The Groove Productions in 1996 in Durham and splits his time creating locally inspired documentaries, producing non-profit videos, and teaching youth video workshops.

Dalsheimer and Heyden will both be in attendance and will be part of a post-screening discussion.

Admission for both films is $5 at the door. Fearrington Village is located midway between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro on Highway 15-501 South.

The Sustainable Cinema Series is presented by the Chatham County Arts Council and features world-class documentaries, narrative and independent films involving producers, directors, subjects and/or locations in North Carolina. More information is available at www.chathamarts.org.

October 24th 2012: Hell and Back Again, by Danfung Dennis

A master filmmaker and photographer, Dennis follows 25-year-old Marine Sgt. Nathan Harris on his most difficult mission: coming home after being seriously wounded in Afghanistan.

Embedded with Harris's unit during their assault on a Taliban stronghold, Dennis brilliantly toggles between the intense experience of war, stunningly photographed by the director himself, and the challenges of re-adjusting to civilian life in small town North Carolina.

‘Hell and Back Again’ brings the war home in ways that make gun-toting soldiering look like a day at the beach compared with the physical and psychic scars that manifest upon returning home.

The film has won numerous awards, including the 2011 Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, and was nominated for an Academy Award in 2011.

A panel discussion with Dr. Tom Harbin, of Harbin and Associates, followed the screening.

'Sam's Ride' was also screened.


September 26th 2012: TOMMY: The Dreams I Keep Inside of Me by Rodrigo Dorfman

(Exclusive Work-in-Progress Screening) a sixty year-old man with autism and a voice of gold pursues his life long dream of singing with a Big Band. From Director Dorfman:  " I went with Tommy inside his community of autistic adults, the world of jazz musicians, his ups and downs, his work, his quirks and even his dirty laundry. The intention of the film is for you to get to know Tommy devoid of all outside commentary and bring you as close possible to what it feels like to be him, a man full of vibrant contradictions, deep human insights and a contagious sense of humor. We believe the film can have a double impact: it can give those inside the autistic community a vision of an expanded horizon where the future is a world of possibilities and it can also offer those outside the autistic community the vision of a common humanity that will move their perception of autistic adults in a positive direction."  More at http://www.tommythemovie.com/

June 19th: 7 pm: Twitch and Shout's Lowell Handler Presenting His New Photography/E-Book Crazy and Proud

Special guest Lowell Handler, is the star, narrator, guide, and associate producer of the Emmy-nominated PBS television documentary Twitch & Shout. The film set the stage for his 1998 memoir, Twitch & Shout: A Touretter’s Tale, published by Penguin. A segment of the the documentary which has been described as "wonderful, compassionate, funny, instructive, inspiring and flat-out brilliant documentary" will be shown.

Handler's latest project Crazy and Proud is a first-person narrative that chronicles what happened when the Lowell, a photographer with Tourette syndrome, began work at a New York City shelter for mentally-ill women. He wasn’t sure what he’d signed on for. The year that followed taught Lowell to keep a sense of humor, and to not pre-judge anyone.  The women learned photography and took some great pictures. Many are in the new eBook, along with the text, which Handler will read from, photographs he will project, and a short video that features one of the women, which will be screened.

Lowell is a former Black Star contract photographer-journalist whose pictures have appeared in Life, Newsweek, Elle, U.S. News & World Report, The (London) Sunday Times Magazine, Hippocrates, The New York Review of Books, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report and Teaching Tolerance, as well as many international journals from Brazil to Japan. His parents Murray and Enid Handler reside in Pittsboro.

May 29th: Short Attention Span Short Film Festival


Fantabulous assortment of short cinematic gems -all 12 minutes or less from talented NC Filmmakers. We're thrilled to welcome back several ChathamArts Sustainable Cinema Series filmmaker alumni!

"Bridging Rails to Trails: New Hope Valley Railway" by Carol Thompson; "Café Sense" by Vittles; "Grandpa Gives You the Bird" by Marc Maximov; "A Message From The Marcellus" by Todd Tinkham; "Meinrad Craighead Praying with Images" by Minnow Media, RCWMS, Amy Kellum; "Pettsboro" by Mark Barroso ; "Straight and Steady" by Kim Best; "Timed Romance" by Rob Underhill; "When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl" by Jim Haverkamp; "Wiggle Room" by Joey Shanks

May 7th, 7 pm: SEMPER FI: Always Faithful

Directed by Rachel Libert, Tony Hardmon. Marine Corp Sgt. Jerry Ensminger was a devoted Marine for nearly 25 years. As a drill instructor he lived and breathed the “Corps” and was responsible for indoctrinating thousands of new recruits with its motto Semper Fidelis or “Always Faithful.” When Jerry’s nine-year old daughter Janey died of a rare type of leukemia, his world collapsed.  As a grief-stricken father, he struggled for years to make sense of what happened.  His search for answers led to the shocking discovery of a Marine Corps cover-up of one of the largest water contamination incidents in U.S. history. Jerry Ensminger in attendance for post-screening discussion with Hope Taylor, Executive Director of Clean Water for NC and Pierre Lauffer, Associate Regional Planner, Fort Bragg Regional Alliance.

March 27th, 7 pm: Southland of the Heart

(narrative feature) Fed up with her small town existence, and in a whole lot of trouble,at-risk teenager, Jennifer, decides to hit the open road. Complications arise when a terminally-ill friend joins her for a final trip to the ocean. Sidetracked by car troubles, drug dealers and love, Jennifer learns the true meaning of friendship and the heartbreak of loss on her rambling, rural road trip to the sea. Southland Of The Heart was filmed entirely in North Carolina, mostly in the Hillsborough/Durham area. Not suitable for children: contains adult language and violence. Written & Directed by Todd Tinkham; Featuring: Jennifer Evans, Kerry Bogart, Hanna Brown, Mary Cates, Lisa Cates; Director of Photography Ken Peterson


(documentary feature)  Director Nancy Buirski’s film about Loving v. Virginia, a watershed civil rights case in which the United States Supreme Court declared Virginia's anti-miscegenation statute unconstitutional in 1967.

The Loving Story is produced by Nancy Buirski’s production company Augusta Films, LLC, in association with HBO Docu-mentaries. The film was made possible in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Buirski is the Founder and was the Director of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Producer/Editor Elisabeth Haviland James is based in Durham, NC, where her company, Thornapple Films, is headquartered. Additional local crew members include: Cinematographers Rex Miller and Steve Milligan; Sound: Mark Barroso. Watch the trailer. Screeening sponsor: The Southern Documentary Fund (SDF) southerndocumentaryfund.org

shown with Wolf Call starring Mike Wiley

WOLF CALL: Raleigh Director Rob Underhill's 12-minute narrative transports us back to 1956. The previous year, 14-year old Emmett Till from Chicago had gone missing in Money, Mississippi. Later, the boy's mutilated body was found in a river. William Bradford Huie of Look magazine sits down with the two men acquitted for the boy's murder, Roy Bryant Jr. and J.W. Milam, to discuss the trial. This historic drama became a lightning rod for moral outrage and pivotal in inspiring a whole generation of young people to commit to social change in the 1950s. Cinematography by Aravind Ragupathi and starring Mike Wiley (a Chatham County resident) in multiple roles. WOLF CALL: nominated for Outstanding Independent Short Film by the Black Reel Awards. Watch the trailer.

November 29th - THE 5th QUARTER

directed by Rick Bieber. With Aidan Quinn, Andie MacDowell, Ryan Merriman and Jillian Batherson.

WInner of Best Feature prizes at the Long Island International Film Expo and the Louisville International Film Festival.

Based on a true inspirational North Carolina story: Driven by the tragic and fatal car crash that took the life of his fifteen year old brother Luke, and wearing Luke's number 5 jersey, Jon Abbate helps to lead the Wake Forest Demon Deacons to the most successful season in school history. More: http://the5thquartermovie.com

The Abbate family founded The Luke Abbate 5th Quarter Foundation for the purposes of educating young people nationwide to the dangers and life-altering consequences of irresponsible driving.

Tuesday October 25th - ALL THE REAL GIRLS

Directed by David Gordon Green. Featuring Danny McBride, Zooey Deschanel, Paul Schneider, Patricia Clarkson, Shea Whigham.

TWOTHUMBS UP! -Ebert & Roeper

Abundant Tarheel connections and present day huge stars are in Green's 2003 small town love story that was awarded a Special Jury Prize at SUNDANCE 2003.  Green attended North Carolina School of the Arts along with Danny McBride, Zooey Deschanel (now starring on TV's NEW GIRL was awarded Best Actress at the Mar Del Plata Film Festival for her role), Paul Schneider (born in Asheville - you may have seen him recently in WATER FOR ELEPHANTS) and actress Patricia Clarkson.  Filmed in Asheville and Marshall North Carolina.

David Gordon Green, who in 2000 made a splash on the festival circuit with his independent debut feature, George Washington, directed this drama about two people entering into a mature romantic relationship -- the sort that neither has been accustomed to. 

September 27th: Brother Towns/Pueblos Hermanos directed by Dr. Charles Thompson and Michael Davey.

Brother Towns is a story of two towns linked by immigration, family, and work: Jacaltenango, a highland Maya town in Guatemala; and Jupiter, a coastal resort town where many Jacaltecos have settled in Florida. The documentary tells the story of how and why people migrate across borders, how people make and remake their communities when they travel thousands of miles from home, and how people maintain families despite their travel. Because we are all immigrants, this is a universal human story, and a quintessential American one. All of us understand family.

June 28th, 7:30 PM: LOGGERHEADS

"A poetic, beautifully acted tour de force." -New York Post.

Award winning film by Monroe, NC native and NC State University graduate Tim Kirkman (Dear Jesse) Filmed in three locations in North Carolina, starring Kip Pardue, Michael Kelly, Tess Harper, Chris Sarandon and Bonnie Hunt.  Loggerheads (2005), premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Kirkman is currently directing Kitty Hawk (2013), a biopic about Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Loggerheads interweaves three separate but related stories that take place in different parts of North Carolina. On Mother's Day 1999, Mark, a young drifter with an interest in endangered loggerhead turtles, begins a relationship with motel handyman George. On Mother's Day 2000, Mark's adoptive mother Elizabeth wonders what has become of her estranged son. On Mother's Day 2001, Mark's birth mother Grace quits her job to begin a search for the child she gave up years before-a search that ultimately brings the stories together. From IMBD, Written by Eric Sorensen Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material and brief strong language


Sponsored by Piedmont Distillers, Inc. and Life 103.1

"THE LAST ONE" by Neal Hutcheson, Emmy-award winning filmmaker and video producer and founder of Sucker Punch Pictures. Legendary moonshiner Popcorn Sutton makes his final run in this 2009 Emmy Award Winner. With Live Music with Tommy Edwards & Stan Brown, plus short film "Percy's Run" by DL Anderson. Filmmakers in attendance for Post Screening Q&A's

April 26th-TAR HEEL SHORTIES with Cucalorus Film Festival Director Dan Brawley.

In April we're bringing a super NC-made short film sampler from Cucalorus, an international celebration of filmmaking in Wilmington, North Carolina that attracts thousands of attendees for five days of films, workshops and social events. The Cucalorus Film Festival held each November was recently selected by the Brooks Institute as "One of the Top Ten Film Festivals in the US" and named one of the "25 Coolest Film Festivals" by MovieMaker Magazine in 2009.

Cucalorus Film Festival's Director Dan Brawley is a cum laude graduate of Duke University and the founder of Jengo's Playhouse & Wabi Sabi Warehouse - a studio compound in downtown Wilmington with 15 resident artists working in film, music, paint and metals. Dan is also an active studio artist who works in sculpture, film, installation and performance. He is also the treasurer of Alternate ROOTS, an organization serving 14 southern states and supporting artists working for social justice. Maybe Dan will reveal his secrets for how he has time to do all that and be a leader in renegade festival making for over 15 years in the Tarheel State!

Show Up, Speak Out: The Public Life of Betty Ann Knudsen

MARCH 29th 2011. Director Vivian Bowman-Edwards in attendance. In recognition of Women's History Month, ChathamArts Sustainable Cinema Series presents "Show Up, Speak Out: The Public Life of Betty Ann Knudsen," a documentary film about a North Carolina woman who made and changed history in our state. As the first woman to serve as chair of the Wake County Board of Commissioners and in her work on various boards and through numerous organizations, Betty Ann Knudsen led vital efforts to improve the quality of life for her community, especially for those who call Raleigh and Wake County their home.  Knudsen is known state-wide as a role model and mentor for women.  In 1984 she became the first woman in North Carolina to run for a state-wide office with her campaign for NC Secretary of State. She has traveled all over the state of North Carolina recruiting and training women to run for public office, was a founding member of the North Carolina Center for Women in Public Service and ran several campaigns, including that of Isabella Canon, Raleigh's first female mayor.  In 2005 Knudsen was inducted into the Inaugural Raleigh Hall of Fame.

Moving Midway Robert Hinton, Godfrey CheshireThanks to all who attended the Race in NC: Justice & Reconciliation Film Forum!

Held FEB 26-27th 2011. The "Race in NC: Justice and Reconciliation Film Forum," was a continuation of the ChathamArts Sustainable Cinema Series, designed to address African American history, identity, culture, and social justice and racial reconciliation within the context of storytelling and documentary film. The two-day forum included educational outreach, filmmaker question-and-answer, and panel discussion. Five films, all related to African American life in North Carolina, were shown during Black History Month: Jordan-Matthews High School 2/26: Greensboro Closer to the Truth, The Trials of Darryl Hunt, An Unlikely Friendship. Fearrington Barn 2/27: Moving Midway, Blood Done Sign My Name.

Race in NC: Justice and Reconciliation panelSpecial guests/panelists included: Diane Bloom, Godfrey Cheshire, Rev. Nelson Johnson, Timothy Tyson, Phoebe Zerwick & Adam Zucker.

Special Thanks to  Duke Jazz Program Director, John Brown with his youth ensemble JAZZFORCE for their incredible performance!

This project was made possible by a grant from the North Carolina Humanities Council, a statewide nonprofit and affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Past Screenings

Tuesday, November 30th - 7:00 PM, Homeless for the Holidays with Hidden Voices

“Homeless for the Holidays” a very special multi-media event with ChathamArts and Hidden Voices openly addressing and discussing the issues of homelessness in the NC Piedmont via spoken word performances, poetry readings, a photography exhibit, and short films, all based on taped interviews with different homeless populations.

• Songs sung by Jennifer Evans.  The 2007 EnSound Traditional Gospel Performer of the Year • Poetry Reading by published Winston-Salem poet, Teri Hairston • Animations produced by NCSU students using stop-motion, hand-drawn, laser-cut, and digital/blue screen to creatively illustrate the compelling words and stories of people affected. • Photography/Art exhibit from the project by Hidden Voices entitled, "Home Is Not One Story: Exploring the Heart of Homelessness" • Short film "The Making of: Home is Not One Story" by Braxton Hood.


Friday October 22nd - 8:00 PM: Halloween Horror Film Fest! Spooky Shorts and "Fistful of Brains"

SPOOKY SHORTS: 8:00 pm. Four short films (55 minute block/rating equivalent to PG) • A HOUSE IN LOS OSOS. Directed by Mark Cornell (Chapel Hill, NC) A man believes he has seen the ghost of recently deceased wife. 15 min. • NIGHT SCARE. Directed by Marcus Bones. A young woman, at home alone for the night, thinks she hears a noise. A UNC School of Arts School of Filmmaking production. 10 mins. • THE PIANO TEACHER. Directed by Andrew Young and Dominic Smith. The piano teacher is a scary woman. A UNC School of Arts School of Filmmaking production. 10 mins. • DR. UNDEAD’S FRIGHTFEST. Directed by Adam Tate. An homage to the late night horror anthologies and spooky hosts of television's broadcast infancy. This is the tale of Leonard, a grave robber by trade, whose income is threatened by a killer competitor moving in to his turf. 20 min.  A fest favorite at Indie Grits, Worldfest Houston (Silver Remi), Starz/First Look Student Film Festival, RiverRun International Film Festival and more.  See production stills and sketches.


FISTFUL OF BRAINS (90 min./language, violence, sexual situations.) Winner of best horror feature at Hauntcon 2009. Directed by Christine Parker. The town of Shadowhawk is overrun with the undead when it gets caught in the war between two brothers, each leading their own army of the undead. One of the brothers has sold the townsfolk his “magical elixir” promising them immortality. What he doesn’t tell them is that he’s recruiting them for his zombie army, and they will develop an unquenchable hunger for human flesh! Director Christine Parker will be in attendance for Q&A. More information at the Fistful of Brains website. View the trailer.

"If you enjoy independent horror, Fistful of Brains should be the next thing you put on your to do list." -Angry Princess Horror Society


ChathamArts - sustainable cinema SEPTEMBER 28th, 7:00 PM: HUNGRY FOR GREEN written and directed by Matthew Barr and short films produced in the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) at Duke University Video Institute focusing on local organizations promoting sustainability, reuse and green initiatives. Films followed by a panel discussion with Hungry for Green's director Barr; Mary DeMare, General Manager of Chatham Marketplace; Tess Thraves, Community-based Food Systems Coordinator/Center for Environmental Farming Systems; Robin Kohanowich, Director of Central Carolina Community College's Sustainable Agriculture Program; Roland McReynolds, Executive Director, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and Tami Schwerin, Executive Director of the Abundance Foundation.

How can we feed the world's hungry while saving agriculture from a chemical and petroleum-laden downward spiral? HUNGRY FOR GREEN (30 minutes) looks at the key issues of feeding the world's hungry – estimated to comprise over two billion people – and the need to move industrialized agriculture from pesticides and monoculture to a sustainable organic "agroecological" model. Award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns on HUNGRY FOR GREEN: "This is an important film that underscores the urgency of achieving agriculture sustainability to help alleviate hunger and protect our natural environment."

Filmmaker Matthew Barr is an associate professor of film production at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. He and his wife Cornelia founded the Unheard Voices Project in 2006.

Also screening three short films produced at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University Video Institute 2010:

BACKYARD BOUNTY by Diana Monroe and Martha J. Moore. Bountiful Backyards is laying the groundwork for Two Ton Farm, an urban minifarm cooperative that will produce literally tons of fresh produce for the neighboring community. • GREEN McDONALD'S GUY by Brooke Shuman and Maura Tourian. One of only three "green" McDonald's restaurants nationwide opened in Cary in 2009. Franchisee Ric Richards describes its surprisingly long list of eco-friendly design features. • WATCH ME GROW by April Simon and Sara Washington. The Watch Me Grow program introduces kids as young as three to gardening, to engage their senses and to encourage them to eat more fresh produce.


Sustainable Cinema - Paperhand Puppets

JULY 27th, 7:30 PM, Fearrington Barn: A PUPPET INTERVENTION

Chatham County filmmaker, Mark Barroso's documentary tells the story of the Paperhand Puppet Intervention, a theatrical troupe based in Saxapahaw, N.C., that amplifies what it means to perform a puppet show.

Since 1998, Paperhand co-founders Donovan Zimmerman and Jan Burger have been recycling items such as found fabric, donated paint and recycled cardboard to create colorful, larger-than-life puppets. They employ these giant characters in spectacular summer shows and fantastic festival pageants. It doesn't get any more grassroots than this in the world of theater. Bursting forth with dance and shadow puppets, masks and music, stilt-walking and even a little vaudeville, Barroso's film follows the tumultuous creation of one particular Paperhand show – the 2007 production of "A Shoe for Your Foot."



JUNE 29th, 8:00 PM, Fearrington Barn: JUNEBUG! JUNEBUG's Screenwriter, Angus MacLachlan was in attendance for pre-screening reception and post Q&A with the audience.

The critically acclaimed independent film JUNEBUG (Rated R, 1 hour 47 min.) was filmed in Forsyth County NC. Entertainment Weekly, critic Roger Ebert, the prestigious film festivals at Sundance and Cannes have all heaped praise on the sensitive, honest rendering of a middle class Southern family home altered by the visitation of their son's new bride from Chicago who is a dealer in "outsider" art. Amy Adam's portrayal of the other son's wife, garnered several supporting actress awards and an Academy Award nomination. View the trailer.


Shooting4Change FilmsMAY 25th, 7:00 PM: SHOOTING4CHANGE Films Premiere with Special Guests Sacrificial Poets, Nyssa Cave and Opinionated Films!

Join us for the premiere of five short documentary films produced in the ChathamArts digital filmmaking program with teens at SAGE Academy in Siler City and a celebration of youth empowerment though creativity.

Kicking off the evening is Nyssa Cave, a 14 year old singer/songwriter/guitarist from Cary, NC who got her start with Girls Rock NC. Also taking the stage - Chapel Hill's Sacrificial Poets, North Carolina's only youth performance poetry team who bring power and social action to spoken words.

Plus a screening of the preview trailer for *5-4-3-2-1*- a murder mystery movie being produced by a group of Chapel Hill teens with autism who call themselves Opinionated Films. Please come out and support these amazing teens and their artistic expressions in film, music and poetry!

Miss Nancy Minds Their MannersApril 27th, 7:00 p.m. Miss Nancy Minds Their Manners An earnest and heartfelt (as well as entertaining) documentary film that follows a unique 80 year old southern character as she teaches manners to children in her annual summer camp "House Parties for Etiquette" and also in the local public schools. For nearly 20 years, Miss Nancy's wit, charm, and abundant patience, has taught children valuable life lessons through old fashioned courtesies and gestures of kindness with a healthy dose of outdoor activities.

Filmmakers Martha Daniel and Caroline Paxton captured the charm and the antics of the energetic children and Miss Nancy's unique staff over a period of 4 years. "Miss Nancy Minds their Manners" documentary is a Work in Progress and is fiscally sponsored by the Southern Documentary Fund. http://www.missnancymindstheirmanners.com.

Tuesday March 30, 2010, 7:00-9:30 p.m. NC College Student Showcase: The best in short student films from around the state. $5 adults/$3 for students. Join us for a fun eclectic mix of films and animation and support these emerging directors and producers! Selected works showcase the creativity and technical skills coming out of our state's film & media programs. Ranging from artistic, enlightening, funny, surreal, romantic and edgy; it's a springtime basket full of cinematic shorts "some sweet and some a lil" bit dark! Many of the directors will be in attendance and short Q&A's will follow each block.

•1915 directed by Marco Garcia, produced by Cameron Strittmatter, UNC-School of Arts. Narrative. Set in the spring of 1915, two brothers deal with life on the family farm and physical and emotional pain when tragedy strikes one of them.

Ball Break•BALL BREAK by Richard Marshall, NCSU Animation & Digital Media. Animation. Ball escapes a terrible fate -maybe.

pact lunch•PACT LUNCH By Frank Pulice, UNC-Wilmington. Narrative. Three janitors are tired of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and demand something different. * mild profanity

whatdogsee•WHATDOGSEE by Wali D. Pitt, Cape Fear Community College. Narrative. Daydreamer Earl's overbearing boss leaves town and instructs him to take care of his beloved Husky and deliver divorce papers to his wife-two simple tasks that lend to Earl's unraveling. www.whatdogsee.com, http://www.chathamarts.org/unify/www.facebook.com/whatdogsee

sinking in•SINKING IN by Russell Allen Roe, UNC-Wilmington. Animation. A newly graduated college student's micro short daydream in the form of rotoscope animation.

•B for BEEKEEPER Directed by Thomas O'Keefe, produced by Katie Haggerty, UNC-School of Arts. Documentary. Asheboro beekeeper Bill Waddell and the journey through life and death that lead him to the honeybee.

Sylvia and George•SYLVIA & GEORGE by Cara Clark, UNC-Greensboro. Documentary. Sylvia Gray's collection of objects is lovingly re-imagined by her grandson George as the Elsewhere Artist Collaborative in Greensboro.

balance•BALANCE by Debra Sea, UNC-Greensboro. Documentary. From gravel to green, beautiful terra transitions unroll before us from a bike's POV.

How to Make a Heartbeat•HOW TO MAKE A HEARTBEAT by Rick Dillwood, UNC-Greensboro. Documentary. The lesbian neighbors need a sperm donor and Rick's wife recommends him for the job. The filmmakers experience and archive sex ed footage make this a light-hearted and heart full film. 8:40 PM. BLOCK 3: WORKING AT LOVE

•WHY HASN'T HE CALLED by Natasha Rae Headroe, Bennett College for Women. Narrative. Girl meets boy. Boys says 'I'll call you.' Girl becomes inseparable from phone, but why doesn't he call?

magazine girl•THE MAGAZINE GIRL By Peyton Lea, Elon University. Narrative. Devin quits the bar scene and meets the girl of his dreams who sells magazines on campus. *strong profanity, sensuality

•A FLOWER FOR ROSE by Jacqueline Haggerty, UNC-Greensboro. Narrative. A silent film/contemporary hybrid about the timeless pursuit of love.

February 23, 2010, 7:00 p.m.A New Kind of Listening The story of a visionary director, a one-of-a-kind theater group, and a young man who could not speak, yet found the voice he had been looking for all his life. Kenny Dalsheimer's documentary takes us inside the creative work of the Community Inclusive Theater Group, as director Richard Reho inspires cast members, some with disabilities, to be writers, actors and dancers in an original collaborative performance.

Friday January 29, 2010, 7:00 p.m.Looking for Ms. Locklear Rhett & Link, self proclaimed "Internetainers" have achieved fame for their hysterical songs, skits and local commercials that have received a gazillion hits on YouTube and their website rhettandlink.com. The Lillington, NC duo first met in first grade in Ms. Locklear's class after getting in trouble for writing nasty things on their desks. In 2006, they decided to search for her relying solely on face-to-face contact with people. Their film chronicles their search, which led them into the company of a host of characters and the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, prominently featured in the movie, much of which takes place in Pembroke, Robeson County.

love lived on death rowTuesday November 24, 2009, 7:00 p.m.Love Lived on Death Row (84 minutes) Pittsboro filmmaker Linda Booker's documentary chronicles the remarkable story of the Syriani sibling's journey from hate and anger to love and forgiveness for their father who murdered their mother in 1990. Special thanks to Anoushka Brod, Mary Beth Clark, Kerstin Lindgren, Pam Smith, Jane Allen Wilson and Betty Wilson for their powerful performance of "For Strong Women"

chain of foolsTuesday October 27, 7:00 PM ' Show Us Your Spooky Shorts, a Halloween program of short films by North Carolina filmmakers, and 'A Bite of Improv,' featuring an audience-engaging performance by Anoushka Brod of Transactor's Improv. The short improv performance begins at 7:00 p.m. with films to follow. We promise a fun and suspenseful night of cinematic treats.... bring your boofriend or ghoulfriend if you have one!

• Alexa (9 min) by Todd Tinkham.
• Chain of Fools (8 min 16 sec) written and directed by Stephen Roberts.
• Getting a Head in the Movie Biz (20 min) by Christine Parker and The Adrenalin Group.
• Penitent Sweater (25 min 47 sec) directed by Bill Harrelson, co-produced by Mark Duncan, based on a script by Jared Waters.
• Also screening the documentary The Vampire Beast of Bladenboro (9 min) by Laura Dunne.

siamese connectionTuesday September 29th The Siamese Connection (74-minutes/may not be suitable for children). This feature-length documentary explores the living history of Chang and Eng Bunker. conjoined twins from Thailand, who became world famous as part of P.T. Barnum's circus. The twins eventually settled in the North Carolina foothills during the Antebellum South, married two local sisters and raised 21 children. Using a collage of scenes from Thailand to Mount Airy, NC, we discover that these men still exist vividly in the contemporary imagination and have the power to act as potent metaphors for basic human experiences in both life and art. Producer/Director Josh Gibson is an independent filmmaker and the Associate Director of the Duke University Film/Video/Digital Program. His work has spanned the gamut from narrative, to documentary to experimental and has shown nationally and internationally in film festivals and on television. Along with his wife, he runs a production company called Hardlight Limited in Durham, NC.

rocaterraniaTuesday August 25th, 7:30 PM ' Rocaterrania. Brett Ingram's documentary explores the imaginary, European-styled nation of Rocaterrania, a secret world created by artist Renaldo Kuhler. In the last four decades, seventy-six-year-old Kuhler has created hundreds of plates for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, illustrating diverse flora and fauna for obscure scientific journals and reference books. Before the making of this documentary, no one knew that he is also a prolific visionary artist. Rocaterrania unveils Kuhler's astounding imaginary nation to the world, complete with it's own language, complex history and industries and reveals the powerful story of his life in the process. Among other themes, the film is about the insidious nature of conformity, the courage to be one's true self, and the redemptive power of artistic creation. Featuring an eclectic original score by Merge Records recording artists Shark Quest. Formerly a journalist, physics teacher, and electrical engineer on the Space Shuttle Main Engine Program, Brett Ingram teaches filmmaking in the Department of Broadcasting and Cinema at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Ingram's first documentary feature, Monster Road, about clay-animator Bruce Bickford, won sixteen awards (including 'Best Documentary' at the 2004 Slamdance Film Festival) and screened at more than ninety festivals (including MFF 2004) before playing the Sundance Channel in 2005. http://www.brettingram.org.

sustainable cinema seriesTuesday July 28th, 7:00 PM • Sizzling Summer Shorts Cinema & Song Fest. The Chatham County Arts Council celebrates the one year anniversary of their 100-Mile Sustainable Cinema Series with an array of the Triangle's very best local short films ranging from quirky to dramatic tointriguingly abstract. Teen rockers from Girls Rock Camp kick off the celebration at 7 pm. Their motto is, 'We put the amp in Camp.'

At 7:30 we roll out the reels with such short screen gems as: Ajit Anthony Prem's Banana Bus, which won 'Best North Carolina Short' at the All American Film Fest this spring. Nic Beery's Frame, a story of distress, emptiness, love and happiness. "Frame" premiered at the "Cannes in a Van" festival. Todd Tinkham's American Short, Stephen Robert's political mockumentary, Citizen Pratt and In the Garden by Elizabeth May. We are also excited to present the premieres of Norma Hawthorne and Eric Chavez Santiago's Weaving a Curve and Robert & Lori Hensley's Untethered a documentary about the important work of Durham's Coalition to Unchain Dogs. We guarantee you're going to fall in love with its star Fluffy.

At 9 pm, filmmakers lead a Q&A discussion followed by a live concert by artists on the rise toward the big-time, Mandolin Orange http://www.myspace.com/mandolinorange. Local fans can't get enough of Andrew and Emily Frantz's riveting on-stage chemistry and the blending of their ethereal voices. So get out of the heat and get in the cool of the barn (at Fearrington Village) and celebrate sustainable cinema and song while helping us raise money for a future Youth Documentary Arts Program.

somay kuTuesday June 30th Somay Ku: A Uganda Tennis Story. 7:30 PM, Patrick Olobo, Uganda's top-ranked tennis player, was four when LRA rebels decimated his family's quiet life in Northern Uganda, forcing them to abandon their ancestral land. The film accompanies Patrick during his last weeks in Uganda and first 2 years in the US, as his new life unfolds in unforeseen ways. His tennis dream is threatened by the pressures of his new life, contingent upon sponsors and their expectations, and transformed by American culture. SOMAY KU was awarded Best Documentary at The Malibu Int'l Film Festival last April. (105 minutes). Download flyer (pdf).

sustainable cinema - With these HandsTuesday May 19thWith These Hands: The Story of an American Furniture Factory. Greensboro filmmaker Matthew Barr's documentary follows the last days of the Hooker Furniture operation. Along the way, employees at the factory share their perspectives on work, community, and survival in a country devastated by deindustrialization and outsourcing. Read/Download flyer...

bending spaceAPRIL 28thBending Space: George Rousse and the Durham Project, 7:00 PM. Producers/Penelope Maunsell and Kenny Dalsheimer. What happens when a visionary French artist meets the creative spirit of a former Tobacco Road town in the midst of downtown revitalization? A singular grassroots arts project emerges that confounds expectations and takes the city of Durham, North Carolina by storm as buildings from a past incarnation of the city are transformed into temporary canvases for dramatic public art. http://www.rousseprojectdurham.com/main.htm

MARCH 31st • 7:00 PM. Special screening of The Folk Artist's Foundation Documentary, All Rendered Truth (1 hour) by Immaculate Baking Company founder Scott Blackwell and filmmaker Patrick Long. Plus Fun and Folky Shorts featuring Key West Cock Tales (23 minutes) by Christa Carnell, Michelle Phillips & Craig Roberts and Linda Booker's Clyde & Mikhail (7 minutes). http://www.keywestcocktales.com

RACE IN NC-Looking Back • Moving Forward
Documentary Film Forum

Saturday-Sunday MARCH 21-22
Change Comes Knocking - The Story of the NC Fund by Rebecca Cerese and Dr. Steven Channing.
Learn more about the NC Fund...
FBI-KKK by Michael Frierson (associate professor in Broadcasting- Cinema at UNC Greensboro.) Learn more...
Family Name by Macky Alston. Learn more...
We Shall Not Be Moved by Chris Potter and Charles Thompson